Here you will find all the really cool stuff that we come across out on the web or write ourselves to help out friends and family (Since they were written with love, we can’t charge for them).

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Help files or tutorials


Computer 101 Help File Computer 101 Help File

It’s a basic guide directed at those just getting started with computers. Do your friend/parent/co-worker/brother/sister or favorite Aunt a favor. Download this file and give them a copy. Burn it, zip it, send it to floppy or email it, just get them a copy!

Customize a Windows XP installation Customize a Windows XP installation

For those of you moving from Windows 9X or Windows 2000, XP may seem a little strange at first. You can get it to look and feel more like the Windows you are used to by following these directions.


System Utilities


AVG Anti-virus software AVG Anti-Virus software

AVG Anti-Virus Free is a free anti-virus protection tool developed by GRISOFT for home use. We invite you to join the millions of satisfied customers worldwide who have downloaded the software and now enjoy the benefits of AVG Anti-Virus Free. This is what I use!

SyGate Peronsal Firewall SyGate Personal Firewall 5.6.

Free for personal use, this firewall really does the job. Easy to setup and I haven’t been attacked since I installed it.

SyGate Peronsal Firewall Grabber 2K Screen Capture Tool.

Free for personal use, this allows you to capture screen shots of active screens, just an area, or the whole desktop. It will save into BMP or JPG formats. Small footprint, big features. I use this tool to capture all the images used in help manuals or when asking users specific questions about the program’s I am supporting.