BugTrac : Bug & Feature Tracking

Software Development is an ongoing process, requiring that you track defects, issues, feature requests and action items.

As software developers ourselves, tracking the development cycle was critical to us. We developed BugTrac, a lightweight and simple bug tracking system, to track and manage the thousands of issues related to growing a good application. After several years in the “field” or production environment, we decided to release it into the public. It’s on ongoing project for us, and continues to grow each month. You can even let us know if you want to be notified when a new revision is put up.

Some of the features in BugTrac include:

  • Easy installation
  • Add and manage project information
  • Add and manage lookup tables used during Issue insertion.
  • Central view of outstanding tasks, grouped by project
  • Record detail using 16 lookup fields that allow adding new values on the fly.
  • Four free form memo’s to record the initial report, steps to recreate, any work around’s found and notes on the resolution.
  • Add an unlimited number of tasks to each item, each record with the logged in user’s initial’s recorded on a given task.
  • 12 built-in reports to see things like tasks assigned, version history, manager’s review, user queue items and much more.
  • Custom report generator so you can build your own “views” into a project.
  • Program access controlled by user rights.
  • Import/Export items from one data repository to another.
  • Shrink down to small “out-of-the-way” toolbar when not active
  • Completely removes itself during uninstall. No breadcrumbs left over.

Download BugTrac Defect & Feature Tracking Software