The Internet is such an integrated part of our life, the task of managing passwords has become a difficult — yet important — part of our daily lives.

Given the threat of identify theft, it is important to use different passwords for all of the websites and software we use on a daily basis. However, creating new passwords and remembering them is a cumbersome task. One mistake many people make is to use the same password over and over so that they have to remember only one password.

The problem with this approach is that once your one password is breached, all of your security is compromised. Software That Rocks (STR) has created a powerful yet easy to use software application which will make it a snap to track all of your personal passwords.

Some of the features and information that STR Password Manager can manage and protect for you include:

  • Track logins and passwords for websites.
  • Remember access codes to e-mail accounts.
  • Maintain software registration numbers and authentication keys
  • Passwords for programs (For example ICQ and Outlook).
  • Passwords for files (For example Excel and Word files).
  • Generate unique passwords for you
  • Export the entire password list into 12 different formats including MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, XML, PDF, CSV, text file, or many other formats. The user can select which fields to export and control the formatting of various fields such as date and times
  • Optionally password protect the software for greater security
  • Ability to launch a website from within the program
  • Provides a full rich text editor to store notes and complete registration e-mails and other information.
  • Uses the Blowfish symmetric block cipher encryption algorithm along with the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 message-digest algorithm for encrypting all password data.

Download Password Manager