Property Friends

Entrepreneur and Property Broker Uwe Jacobs came to me to replace an existing site he had, which he had to rely on someone else to manage for him. The need to hire a developer for every little thing was something he wanted to eliminate.

Theme: Elegant Themes : Elegant Estate

Customizations: Insertion of new custom logo for header and new images for featured content, removal of certain elements and setup featured content pages to really highlight their message. Special customization code to allow tracking the Newsletter and making portions of the site available to only paid members. Edits to the CSS to change fonts and colors, custom CSS revisions to personalize the look and feel.

Visit the live site Property Friends

Property Friends, Australia, theme customizations using Elegant Themes

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  1. Your section about Backlinks (what they are and how to get them) is the best, most content filled description I’ve ever seen. You’ve done it again. Well done.

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