Want to upgrade commercially available software you already own but don’t know how?

We can help. We can even convert your old legacy data from one software application to another. For example, if you are using a MS Access database, when it starts to slow down, or indexes begin corrupting, you might want to upgrade to MS SQL Server. We can setup the new database, convert, format, transform and document your new structure and bring your technical staff up to speed.

Own software licenses for products that are now 3 version’s ahead of the one you are working with and no one knows how to update it? We can install and configure it for you.

One of our specialities is conversion of data out of older technologies with a emphasis on improving data normalization and structure. This attention to detail translates into big savings when it comes time to update or add to your new data store. Normalization means there is less redundant information and a more meaningful format. Better structure translates into easier modifications and better growth potential. Your “data” is your business. Without it, you are back in the “stone ages” when everything was recorded on legal pads and post-it notes.